33ste Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp

Deze zomer, van 24 tot 30 juli, vindt het 33ste Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp plaats in Catalonië. Het kamp wordt ieder jaar in een ander Europees land georganiseerd en brengt ongeveer 500 jongeren samen. Sommigen zijn activisten, anderen niet, maar hebben wel interesse voor antikapitalisme, ecologie, strijd tegen onderdrukkingen…

De opzet?

Een week in een zelfgeorganiseerd kamp doorbrengen en er jongeren ontmoeten en bijleren over belangrijke onderwerpen (ecosocialisme, feminisme, holebi-strijd, antiracisme…) om de samenleving te veranderen. Vormingen, workshops en debatten moeten toelaten om deze thema´s te verdiepen en om ervaringen uit te wisselen.


Inschrijving via mail naar info@anticapitalisme.be. Om ingeschreven te zijn, moet een voorschot van 20 euro overgeschreven worden op de rekening BE33 0689 0161 6946. De totale prijs van het kamp (logistiek, camping, eten) + busreis is 290 euro. Schrijf je snel in want het aantal plaatsen in de bus is beperkt!
De bus vertrekt op 24 juli ‘s morgens in Brussel en keert op 31 juli overdag terug.

33rd International Youth Camp – definitive program

Sign up via info@anticapitalisme.be

Sunday 24: Welcome

Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp

21:00 Welcome rally: Welcome to the Camp (EE), political situation in the Spanish State (EE), spaces presentation (women from the two spaces)


Monday 25: The crisis, the youth and class

jeunesse en danger

8:00 Breakfast

8:50 Delegation meeting

9:15 Educational: Youth labour market in the Europe Crisis. (NPA – women)

10:45 Women Space: How non-mixed spaces can help to combat sexism in our organizations and why they are important in themselves? What other feminist tools can we use? (EE+CH)

12:00 Interdelegation meeting/ Permanent commissions

13:15 Lunch + break

15:45 Workshops:

– China, the increase of strikes and the economic crisis (FR)

– The youth in France and struggle against the reform of the labor code (FR)

– Structural changes in the labor market and its consequences (FR)

– Education in the 21st century’s labor market: How to defend access to studies? (EE – IT)

– Standardization of the education system and it’s consequences on the youth (DK)

– The right to the city: struggles against privatization of public services and spaces (IT)

– The debt and audit (EE)

– How to stop TISA and TTIP? (CH)

– The junior doctors struggle in Britain (GB)

– The state of emergency and the privation of freedom: western Europe, Egypt and Tunisia (FR)

– The tactical question about leaving the EU and the eurozone (DK – GB – GR?)

– The fight of the Greek cleaning workers (GR)

17:30 LGTBIQ Space: Report from different states. Open Session (Chair: FR)

18:45 Delegation meeting

20:15 Dinner

22:00 Roundtable: Workers self-organization experiences. Speakers: Activist against Loi Travail (FR), Correscales (EE), Cleaners (GR): Chair: B

23:15 Cineforum: Les neiges du Kilimanjaro


Tuesday 26: The refugee question and western imperialism in the Middle East

Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp

8:00 Breakfast

8:50 Delegation meeting

9:15 Educational: Revolution, counterrevolution and imperialist wars: causes and consequences of the situation in the Middle East. Speaker: Gilbert Achcar (contact CH) / Julien Salinge (FR)

10:45 Women Space. Workshops:

– How to fight the invisibility of non cis-hetero women in the feminist movement (B)

– What demands for the European feminist movement today? (without introduction)

– Romantic love (IT)

– Vital Precarious: precariousness in all areas of life of women (EE)

12:00 Educational: Migrations and borders in Fortress Europe. Speaker: Mamadou Ba (P)

13:15 Lunch + Break

15:45 Workshops:

– Right wing populism on the rise in Europe, a new kind of nationalism (IT-FR)

– The Rojava project in Kurdistan, a critical view (B)

– The Turkish situation, between struggles and repression (FR)

– Refugees welcome: The struggle for Calais and hospitality from below (IT-FR)

– The fight for the independence of Western Sahara (Sahara delegation)

– The criminalization of foreigners, detention centers (CIE) in Spanish state and left mobilizing (EE)

– The institutionalization of racism and islamophobia (CH – FR)

– Racism as a social construction and the identity of racialized people (FR)

– New wave of fascist attacks and how to organize self-defense (GR)

– Border control and the movement for human smuggling (DK)

– The black lives matter movement (US)

17:30 LGTBIQ Space: Discriminations inside the LGTBIQ Movement. Open Session. Chair: IT

18:45 Delegation meeting

20:15 Dinner

22:00 Roundtable: Migrants and refugees in Fortress Europe. Speakers: Migrant activist from Calais (FR), experiences of active support (DK / DE), refugee crisis in Greece (GR). Chair: IT.

23:15 Cineforum: It’s a free world


Wednesday 27: Feminism and struggle for women’s emancipation

Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp

8:00 Breakfast

8:50 Delegation meeting

9:15 Educational: A new perspective of the economy from feminism. Speaker: Laia (EE)

10:45 Women Space. Sexist violence. Introduction 10’ (CH) and group discussion:

– Sexual violence: rape culture (FR – Ensemble)

– Institutional violence (EE)

– Economic violence (FR-NPA)

– Cultural and representational violence (IT)

12:00 Interdelegation meeting /Permanent commissions

13:15 Lunch + break

15:45 Workshops:

– The history of the 8th of March, from the beginning to today (FR)

– From Angela Davis to Zara Ali (FR)

– Islamic feminism (FR)

– Rape culture and how to fight it (CH)

– Feminist praxis inside our organizations (DK)

– The attacks on women’s right to choose during the crisis (IT)

– Feminism as a growing mass movement: the experience of the 7N (EE)

– The free love question (EE)

– The debate on sex work (GB – IT)

– The self-defense of Kurdish women in the war (FR)

17:30 LGTBIQ Space: Emotional assemblies in the LGBT movement. Discussion about the utility and the difficulties of these areas. Closed session. Chair: EE.

20:15 Dinner

22:00 Rally: Party presentation. (Women decision)

23:15 Cineforum: El Cairo 678


Thursday 28: LGBTIQ fight and subjectivities outside of heteropatriarchy

Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp

8:00 Breakfast

8:50 Delegation meeting

9:15 Educational: What kind of queer anticapitalism can help us to understand and fight LGBTIQ oppressions? (IT)

10:45 Women Space: Empowerment and self-defense. (DK). Format:

– Introduction: psychological violence

– Physical exercise in groups.

12:00 Interdelegation meeting/ Permanent commissions

13:15 Lunch + break

15:45 Workshops:

– The workers movement and the struggle against homophobia in the beginning of the 20th century (FR)

– How capitalism oppresses LGBTIQ people (B)

– Homonationalism and pinkwashing (FR)

– The intervention of Pope Francis in LGBTIQ and women issues (IT)

– Differences inside LGBTIQ movement: revolutionaries, assimilationists and Queers (EE)

– Polyamory: Alternatives to monogamy and freesex-affective relationships (IT – EE)

– Transgender and transphobia: The fight for trans and intersex rights and emancipation (FR)

– Communicative experimentation: alternative to the heteropatriarchal symbolic system (practical workshop) (EE)

– Discrimination inside LGTBIQ movements (DK)

17:30 LGTBIQ Space: political party preparation and preparation of the meeting with the women space. Chair: GB

18:45 Delegation meeting.

20:15 Dinner

22:00 Rally: Party presentation. (LGTBIQ Space decision)

23:00 Cineforum: Pride


Friday 29: Impossible green capitalism and the need for ecosocialism

Don't nuke the climate!

9:00 Breakfast

9:50 Delegation meeting

10:15 Educational: How does the international production system increase ecological inequalities around the world? The example of food industry. Speaker: Peter (DK)

11:45 Spaces meeting: The discussion of surrogacy

13:15 Lunch + Break

15:45 Workshops:

– The consequences of climate change in Mindanao (PH)

– The ecological conversion of production under workers control: the example of fabricas recuperadas (IT – EE)

– Climate migration (FR)

– Ecofeminism (DK)

– Privatization of common resources: the fight against deregulation of offshore drilling in Italy (IT)

– A debate about GMO (CH)

– The balance and perspective of COP21 and climate justice movement (FR)

– Impossible green capitalism (FR)

– The reduction of working time as an ecological and democratic demand (B)

– Ende Gelände: the mobilization against coal mining in Germany (D)

17:30 Interdelagation meeting/ Permanent commissions

18:45 Delegation meeting

20:15 Dinner

22:00 Roundtable: Ecosocialist strategies in the real movement. Speakers: Struggles for territorial defense (MX), Fuori Mercato (IT), Ende Gelände (DK), Philippines. Chair: CH.

23:00 Cineforum: Y también la lluvia


Saturday 30: Political organizations and social movements

Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp

8:00 Breakfast

8:50 Delegation meeting

9:15 Why is an internationalist strategy necessary for our organizations and movements today? Speaker: Lidia Cirillo (IT)

10:45 Workshops:

– The general strike in May 68 to understand the necessary junction between youth and the workers (FR)

– The experience of the FIT in Argentina (FR)

– Occupy, Blockupy, NDDL: How to integrate the new forms of struggles in our strategy? (FR)

– What can we learn from the experience of Syriza? (GR – …?)

– Mutual-aid, self-management and self-organization (IT)

– What is hegemony and how can we build it? (EE)

– Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and the history of the Labour left (GB)

– An analysis of the autonomous anarchist movement (FR)

– Can municipalities revolt against the state around Europe? (DK – EE)

– Marxism and populism (EE)

12:15 Interdelegation meeting/Permanent commissions

13:45 Lunch + Break: Discussion session: What organization for what strategy? Session open to whoever wants to participate, recommended only for militants.

16:00 Delegation meeting

17:30 Cleaning

20:30 Lunch

22h Closing rally: Balance sheet of the Camp (EE), Presentation of the IV International (CI), Presentation of the next Camp (?)

Internationaal Revolutionair Jongerenkamp

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